Обращение Президента компании

Realizing the Value of Trust and Sharing by Fulfilling Our Social Responsibility

DAEWOO TEXTILE takes the initiative in complying with international norms on human rights and

environmental protection as well as the Fair Trade Act. Through our Compliance Program, we make

sure that fair trade practices take firm root in our corporate culture, while continuing our efforts to

develop new projects with small- and medium-sized enterprises and pursue shared growth.

Furthermore, we coexist with our community and fulfill our social responsibility by caring for

those in need at home, while carrying out various educational and medical care activities


DAEWOO TEXTILE will stand side by side with our shareholders, client companies and other

stakeholders, always doing our best as a responsible member of the community.

We ask for your continued interest in and support for DAEWOO TEXTILE.

Thank you.

Президент Компании «Daewoo Textile» LLC КИМ ИЛ У           


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